Official Statement:

Dingir Xul decided to call it a quit due to conflicts within the band which were later solved, but then there was differences within the band to do something else. We've been around for some years now and even if our style has changed much from the first recordings till now we kinda feel it's time to get on with other stuff which we've also wanted to do.

Even if it sucks to call it an end for most of us as we've had a good time together, we kinda feel it's what needs to be done.

Me and Tommy will most likely one day finish the mixing and mastering of the demo we decided once to name "Demo 2007" which were under producing when we decided to split up. Those tracks will be uploaded to this page as a final good-bye and thanks for the support.

We all appreciate the support people have been giving us from the beginning till the end. It's been worth doing it only for these people aswell as for ourselves.

There are already new bands/projects for all members of Dingir Xul so hopefully you will hear from certain people in the future. And who knows? Maybe one day we decide to continue this band as we once did.

Thanks for everything!

/Christoffer & Dingir Xul



Dingir Xul - Demo 2007



Birth Of Death

Cold Naked Death

Dead, Raped And Severly Deformed

Only Shining Star


Sea Of Hatred

This Nightmare Called Life


Recorded under very bad conditions at our rehearsal room during Summer 2006 till Winter 2007
Mixed and mastered by Dingir Xul
Demo cover was made by Marion Brunnbauer (Thanks a lot)

All music and lyrics by Dingir Xul

Dingir Xul were:

Christoffer - Vocals
Tommy - El-Guitar
Christer - Drums
Damian - Bass guitar